About the authors

Alan Gilbey

Alan is a Bafta winning screen writer, stand-up tour guide and the author of ‘East End Backpassages ’ – a book of history walks for people who don’t like history walks.

Bob Boyton

Bob has been a writer and performer for over thirty years. For much of that time he has also worked with mentally ill homeless people. Bob’s first novel, ‘Bomber Jackson Does Some’ is about a homeless ex-boxer; while writing the book Bob trained with former Commonwealth champion Mark Reefer. www.bomberjacksondoessome.com

David Burgh

David’s family lived in the streets of Spitalfields and worked in the furniture industry of Shoreditch. Today he has a way with worms – and proof reading.

Roger Mills

A long term resident of Cable Street, Roger has written many novels as well as ’Everything Happens In Cable Street’, the definitive history of… guess where.

Keith Jones

AKA the Black Knight; Whitechapel born, Wapping raised, with a passion for local history, espresso and bicycle maintenance.

Deb Scott-Lovric

Deb’s ancestors wore down the pavements of the East End for four generations before her parents escaped to South London… But Deb returned to be part of the creative community and to teach in local primary schools. She enjoys drawing, painting and performing- but don’t ask her to sing!

Nurjahan Julie Begum

Julie is a Bengali British female, raised on an East London council estate and educated at a local comprehensive. She says she hasn’t got pregnant or ended up in prison, so she must be doing something right!

Maureen Wood

A baby boomer born and educated in Romford, Mo undertook teacher training in Liverpool and ended up primary teaching in Newham for 37 years before taking early retirement. She was  involved in Newham Teachers’ Theatre Workshop, sadly now defunct, taking plays about events in local history around schools and colleges. She has performed poems, songs, plays and monologues in various venues. She also enjoys researching family history and narrow-boating.